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You should try a raw diet for your dog and stay away from prescription dog food.Certain drugs such as potassium bromide and phenobarbital can predispose a dog to pancreatitis.

The digestive enzymes will help take a load off her pancreas and help her get more useable nutrition from the food.Try adding some canned pumpkin or fresh cooked and see if this helps the stool.Holistics large breed guaranteed analysis states there is only 1.2% calcium.It should be noted that some holistic veterinarians, such as Dr.Holistic Select Grain Free Turkey Can Cat Food. Dog.com Coupons.She has great bowel movements, and the pumpkin will also help take off a little weight if that is a problem as well.I was in the store the other day and found out about it when another customer came in to buy it and they were told it was dropped.We IMMEDIATELY threw away the rest of the remaining food we had.In addition, although alfalfa meal is high in plant protein (about 18%) and fiber (25%), this hay-family item is more commonly associated with horse feeds.

Tagged as: adult, all life stages, coupon, dry, growth, maintenance, puppy, senior.Holistic Select makes both dog and cat foods. Holistic Select Coupons.This is why it is important to look into the type of recall and how it was handled.

Remember, no dog food can possibly be appropriate for every life stage, lifestyle or health condition.Eagle Pack Holistic Select Dog Food Our Natural, Whole-Health philosophy of superior nutrition focuses on wellness and good taste.Holistic Select Pet Food has two new coupons out right now to help you save on your purchase.Or check back for a possible response from one of our other readers.Important: Because many websites do not reliably specify which Growth or All Life Stages recipes are safe for large breed puppies, we do not include that data in this report.In the middle of 2010 the Holistic Select part of the company broke off and is now owned by Wellpet, which also makes the Wellness line of pet food.

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Within a few feedings my dog was vomiting and having seizures.

She had very full, almost impacted anal glands recently, and has been itching her arm pits.No more accidents, back to nice firm poops (after a week or so as they adjusted to the new food) and smaller and less copious.A look at the ingredient list for the dry food shows chicken meal as the.Have switched to Timberwolf and am trying a new sister line called GAEA.Several hundred dollars later in vet bills switched to ID and all stomach issues have cleared up.

We just got another lab puppy and started him on the same food and he started having trouble immediately.I changed from Blue Buffalo because my frenchie had very bad gas all day log, and had loose stools.So are you suggesting that a food with probiotics, fruits and vegetables, but excessive calcium that could potentially cause a large breed puppy to develop bone growth issues is better than one without all of those extras, but has appropriate levels of calcium to ensure optimal growth.I have had no skin issues, allergies or ear problems since I went this way.I was also advised to add a tablespoon of plain canned pumpkin (not spiced pie filling) to each one cup feeding.I think he is getting to many changes and it is starting to make him more picky.I would therefore imagine they receieved the same amount of training in nutrition.

A large breed puppy formula from either of those companies would be a good product to use.NutriSource is dedicated to improving the health of pets everywhere.At the time they were still owned by Eagle Pack, and they did wonderfully on it.Healthy, all natural pet food and treats made of fresh meats and veggies.

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I cholked it up that she has a sensative stomach because when I got her she had Giardia.Rouge, LA to purchase food for her dog and discovered all of Holistic Select products were on sale as they are also discontinuing the line.Last Friday, having done some research online, it seems that we are definitely NOT the only people making the same claims that their dogs were suddenly getting sick when the new packaging started.We started feeding our 4 year old dachshund Holistic Select about a week ago.Read reviews of popular healthy dog food products and shop with confidence at petco.com.Three weeks ago we adopted a alittle pug we found playing chicken in traffic.

And when in doubt, consult a qualified veterinary professional for help.Also, the species-appropriate diet dogs were intended by nature to eat is a fresh raw diet full of naturally occurring enzymes.

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Raw diets can be made from items you can buy from your grocery store or butcher.A St Bernard, and 2 Heeler mix brother and sister (both are deaf).

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We changed his food to the HS Chicken and Rice but it has continued so I called the breeder and he was raised on Enhanced Hunters Edge which has a bad rating.I give my dog orijen and canned pumpkin to offset the high protein.Can someone tell me should I keep my puppy on Hill Science Diet or should I change her to a better food and if so what kind.

Should I listen to the vet and change or keep feeding the Holistic brand.

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If you have had blood work done while she has been reactive look at the eosinophil white blood cells.This fee is a fixed dollar amount and has nothing to do with the size of an order or the brand selected for purchase.Unfortunately the numbers that Holistic Select has listed on their GA unless stated otherwise are minimums.

I took him off chicken and all grains and he never has had another attack of IBS.To those who have purchased Holistic at Petco, I went through the same thing.I was also thinking of trying Eagle Pak as it is the same manufacturer.I decided to try the adult and puppy salmon, sardine and anchovy grain free Holistic select after reading this site.My Pittie was on it the longest, he died last week at 18yrs old.After spending several hundreds of dollars at the vet for various tests the only obvious conclusion was the food.As a loyal consumer, I am disturbed at the level of unprofessionalism that would have gone into producing a manufacturing environment where something like this would be made possible.

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